Friday, 18 January 2013

What snow??

Everywhere in the country seems to be covered with a white blanket except Cambridge. I will have a very grumpy SmallBean unless the snow starts falling fast. All I know is that it is blinking freezing and a woodburner, two jumpers, t-shirt, thermal vest and a scarf are not keeping me warm. I even did the ironing to try to warm up...

I hope you all keep warm and enjoy the snow- either out in it or watching from inside with a mug of something tasty to drink.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I have been enjoying the scent of the opening hyacinths,

toasting myself by the fire,

baking some oaty, coconuty cookies for the gang of small people who are coming here after school,

loving my new socks (have you ever tried to take flattering photos of your own legs? Very tricky...)

and having a bit of time to start this book while the house is quiet. I immersed myself in the first two of the quartet after Christmas. Fabulous stuff.
Now I just need to summon up the strength to go and sort out this.