Friday, 24 October 2014

Thoughts and Sights

I have been blog dodging.
But in my dodginess, I have been thinking and looking.
Taking in the fabulous colours of gathered autumn treasure,
thinking how delicious it will be getting into my freshly made bed with crisp and clean sheets and not setting the alarm for the morning,
thinking that beef stew will be very tasty with some mashed spud and cabbage (and a glass or two of wine...),
wondering when I will ba able to recycle this owl(?) without it being missed,
thinking that I really must make the effort to photograph some new jewellery makes for my etsy shop,
and smiling whenever I look out the back door at these.
Happy weekend.


  1. Just when I think everyone has given up blogging no less than four of my favourite bloggers are back. A freshly made bed on a Friday night is possibly my greatest pleasure in life.

  2. Oh good, you are back; I missed you!

  3. clean sheets and a lie in. life doesn't get better than that x

  4. Ooh yes please re. more pics of the jewellery ... love it.

  5. Hello! Thank you for saying hello on my blog; I tried to email but it didn't seem to work. But I'm glad I came here so I could admire your lovely earrings!

    I am horribly out of touch with the world of blogging and starting slowly and quietly again. I think I tried to follow too many people and became completely overwhelmed, so will try not to do that again!

    And I did my best to eat all the biscuits but my girls found them rather
    moreish ...

    Val xxx

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