Friday, 18 June 2010

Tidying Up

I feel quite out of control at the moment. Too many little trivial things to do but not really enough enthusiasm and momentum to do them. Then that feeling when the Smalls are in bed that nothing has been achieved and yet more things have been added to the To Do list. Not much has been crossed off this week. Until now. I am doing a tidy up post. Then, tick, the blog will be firmly crossed off the list.

Do you remember me telling you about an amazing felt brooch I bought on our recent trip to Saltburn? It was in this gallery. Well, here it is. Do you like it? What do you think? I'm sorry the photo if it is a bit on the wonk but I was too lazy to take it off my jacket. I love the teeny tiny beads but mostly, the serious faces of the heartsease. How simple, but so so effective.

I have been meaning to update you on the progress of our wheat. Look! It has ears. It is tall and straight and I think that we will actually be able to have a mini-harvest later this summer. Will we have enough to make a bread roll? I truly don't know but I cannot wait to see.

Doesn't it look gorgeous? This field of green is in the middle of Cambridge! Yes. I am the little red hen.

Now, earlier this week we had a rather Big Milestone. Small Bean lost his first tooth. He was giving them a good old brush before bedtime and came rushing and screaming into me and Smaller Bean shouting 'My tooth has come out, my tooth has come out!' and all the while spraying blood around. (Well, not that much but there was quite a bit of the red stuff in his mouth.) We left his bedroom window open (for easy access) and that Tooth Fairy left him a golden coin. He is one of the last in his class to loose a tooth so the excitement has been great.

Big Bean is quite sad about this, our boy will never look quite the same again. Small Bean is just waiting for the next wobbler to drop.
On the subject of Small Bean, this is one of his favourite pastimes. I have wanted to blog about the wonders of Playmobil for a while. His bedroom floor is littered with tiny important pieces of plastic which are all part of a complicated game. Where else can Romans, deep-sea divers, pharoahs, knights and pirates all rub shoulders and Small spends HOURS on his floor totally immersed in this world. It is such a fabulous toy. Great for imagination, history, communication, social skills and fine motor development. It should be in everyones house and in every KS1 classroom in the country. Godson Bean loves it and his Big Brother who is 10 still plays with it regularly. I hope that Small's wonderful imagination lasts for a long time to come.

So. I'm off. Need to find a pencil to cross this blog off the list and then plug in the iron. Sadly I won't be joining the crusader and flying off on a rescue mission. Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh, Playmobil - we have tons of the stuff - I used to 'box' it according to type but it's hopeless to do that now! It's such a great toy. As for to do lists - my life is dictated by a to do list - always satisfying getting stuff crossed off though!

  2. Forgot to say - love the brooch!

  3. Love that brooch, very pretty and sparkly. Ooohhhh a tooth missing, our first little sweetpea waited ages for his first tooth to fall out and then swallowed it by accident :-( Playmobile is fab, my middle sweetpea has only just found it. I am trying to buy eco toys but she loves playmobile and the way I see it we can keep it and hand it down for generations :-)

  4. Hellooo

    Congrats on the lost tooth! My eldest has got her first wobbly one and it's made me feel like it's all happening too quick (she's just 5).

    My daughters love Playmobil, my Mum still has the stuff my brother and I played with when we were little and they make big houses and things out of it. I don't have it here so that they have something different to play with there but sticklebricks are a big favourite :)

    Love the brooch! Mel xxx

  5. love the brooch, so much tiny detail!! gorgeous!
    thanks for the email today, i will let you know when it arrives :)

  6. I have a big pile of outgrown Playmobil waiting to be listed on ebay.
    Brooch is very lovely and I love your mini wheat field!

  7. We have a lot of Playmobil inside our vacuum.

  8. Yay, the tooth! I always love the gappy look they have around tis age - and then the too big wonly teeth that need time and growth to settle into place!

    We haven't really got into Playmobil here for some reason. I'm a little disappointed as I'd have loved an excuse to buy the castle but there it is.

  9. Love your brooch. Polly Pocket was the big hit in our house. Just came across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it along with my late morning coffee! I'm your newest follower!

  10. Hiya Ali,
    I just wanted to let you know that the necklace arrived this morning, and is totally gorgeous, I have been wearing it all day!!
    Thank you so much for a lovely giveaway prize :) xx Gem