Monday, 7 June 2010


Apologies first. Sorry. I think I sounded a bit gloomy and brattish on the last post. I wasn't meaning to at all but gloom and brat seemed to come across. I am of course very grateful to anyone who visits and reads this blog and I am subsequently thrilled that so, so many of you entered the lucky-dip. I need to thank Vintage Vicky and A Country Girl especially as they were the first to put a link to MagicBeans on their blogs. VV and C-G, tvm for doing that, x.

Anyway, apologies over with, now down to the nitty gritty.

I made a grid.

I filled it with names.

I covered the names with squares of Cambridge Agenda.

Then I called in my three willing assistants. (Actually they were all a bit reluctant, one was on the loo, one was finishing an ice lolly and the other had just started a new playmobil game.)

Finally they came and showed quite a lot of interest.

Small Bean removed the first square to reveal

Little Gem . Hooray for Little Gem. Email your address to me and that Birdy Necklace Giveaway will fly to you.

Then Godson Bean removed the next piece of paper...

Sherri B!!! You have won something too. A little package will be in the post to you (when you let me know where you live).

And then Smaller Bean wanted to get in on the act, so she picked

Jane. My schoolfriend who I've known since 1981!!! She was the first person to reply to the giveaway on my website. Well done you, a little something will find its way to you in London.

So. There we are, it has been Good Fun doing this. I have also done a World Cup Sweepstake in the Street. Maybe I should get some bingo cards printed and start Two Fat Ladying and Legs Elevening as a bit of a moonlight. Or maybe I should just stick to Beans.


  1. Congrats to the winner (drat I loved that necklace!) :-) My two smaller sweetpeas love love love playing with playmobile - it really gets their imagination going doesn't it.

  2. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners. I will be thinking of you Little Gem in that gorgeous necklace xxxx

  3. Many congratulations to Little Gem!

  4. Congrats to all your winners!

  5. Congrats to the winners, and happy to help promote your giveaway!

  6. Congratulations to Little Gem! What a lovely thing to own. Love, Amanda xxx

  7. Drat and double drat - if I had found your blog earlier - I would definately of entered your giveaway for such a great necklace!

  8. Thank you Godson Bean for choosing my made my day.

    Congratulations to Little Gem on winning the pretty necklace and to friend Jane for winning the other runner-up prize. Good job to all!

  9. ooooh thank you! I am so chuffed!
    I have emailed you xx