Thursday, 9 December 2010

Splash of Colour- December

This splash of colour is not one I like. And neither does SmallerBean. The poor old girl has got chickenpox and although she's being really stoic about the whole thing, we didn't get much sleep last night. It's not much fun sharing a bed with a hot wriggly scratchy two year old. Of course she is now running around with Small having great games and laughing like a drain. I just want to drag myself back to bed and drink more tea.

The only positive thing is that it's not Christmas. And that Small has already had it.

On a more healthy note, here are some less angry splashes, the first before Smaller got the spots.


  1. oh dear - poor bean. sending you soothing vibes. and a virtual cup of tea. xxx

  2. :-( that is a horrid thing to have, little sweetpea had that really badly when she was a baby and then all of them went down with it. Try and catch up on some sleep if you can, I bet you feel terrible :-( Little sweetpea has the sickness bug at the moment, so I have full sympathy for you. Oh the joys of winter!

  3. A pox on the pox!

    I use golden syrup tins as pencil holders too. Why doesn't the black treacle come in big tins?

  4. Poor little bean - hope she's on the mend very soon.

    Great idea for the syrup tins :)

  5. Oh no - I hope your wee bean is better before Father Christmas comes!! There are lots of nasty bugs and illnesses about at the moment aren't there? I hope you manage to catch 40 winks to catch up on lost sleep, nothing worse than feeling drained and having to look after hyper infants!

    Sending love,
    Julia x x x

  6. Oh dear, poor little bean & poor you too...

    My now 10 year old, woke up with chicken pox on on Christmas day, he'd just turned 3. It was the quietest Christmas we've ever had!


  7. Poor bean and poor you. Hope she is less itchy very soon!

  8. Oh poor baby. That's no fun at all, but good to get it out of the way. There's never a convenient time to have it!

  9. Poor bean, but like you said at least it is not Christmas! Try and catch up on some sleep and I hope she gets well soon!
    Lovely splashes of colour with your great pen pots,
    Love Andrea x