Thursday, 28 February 2013

Baking. Making. And a joke.

I got home from the school run and read Sue's blog. She had made date slices. Yum, I thought. Just what I need. However, I had no dates. Never mind, I'll use jam. No. Almost out. Ok, mincemeat. After about half an hour searching I gave up that idea and dug around in the freezer for some mulberries, picked last summer and destined to be jam. Or not.
I did worry that they would go too oozy and wet but they worked and topped with some flaked almonds I am having to stop myself munching the lot.

I then thought the Smalls would probably not enjoy the rather tart flavour of the mulberries so I knocked up a batch of boring looking chocolate buns. Except these are not boring. They have Nutella dolloped in the middle. Perfect SmallBean fare for after school Thursdays.

I then moved on to making a pair of fortieth birthday earrings for a glamorous and gorgeous friend. Quartz, topaz and moonstone. Happy Birthday Nats!

After that flurry of busyness I need a lie down. (It might have something to do with the mulberry slices...) but before I go, here's the joke.

Doctor doctor, I need a new bum, my old one has a crack in it.

Sorry. Blame SmallBean. He is telling everyone...


  1. Excellent joke. I must remember that one (I'm rubbish at remembering jokes). Beautiful earrings and both your bakes look yummy. xx

  2. I'm thinking I might nor share that joke in the lunch hall or I'll be sacked. On the other hand ...

  3. oh no, now I really want cake...........

  4. Great post - yummy cakes and schoolboy humour, what more could we want?

  5. I'm thinking ahead to autumn and a quince slice. Thanks for the inspiration and the joke.

  6. Love the joke, small bean should be on the stage :)

  7. My younger son loves that joke too - it's a goodie. And Im impressed by your productivity.

  8. What is it about small boys and jokes like that! :)

    Mulberry slices eh, they sound scrummy :)