Thursday, 14 March 2013

Things that are making me happy...


At last. The skies are blue and the sun is pouring in the front of the house making shadows and creating bright patterns on the walls. It seems to be a long time since I have seen these colours in the hall. And an added bonus was that the window cleaner was scraping layers of grime off the windows when I returned from the school drop-off. Hooray!

The tulips from my M-i-L on Mothering Sunday (an unexpected treat) are not my usual colour choice but they are really making the dark, north facing kitchen a little bit brighter and more cheery.

I love your Hama bead creations Smaller, but please will you finish this one off before I accidentally destroy it?

And this fella? Recognise him*?** Small was one of the lucky three in his class to be chosen to take part in an Aardman workshop at his school to make a model and then use it in an animation. Wowsers!! Ironically, the art-dodging Small was more pleased that he got to skip country dancing and Friday afternoon achievement assembly which is "... so epically*** boring." When I can prise out where the animation can be seen I will post it. Unless it is truly awful and then I won't.

Other things making me happy are that there are only two weeks til we break up for the Easter hols, I keep seeing spotted woodpeckers in the garden though whether they are greater or lesser I cannot fathom, the fridge is full and I know what everyone is eating for supper tonight.

All in all a good Thursday.

In other news, I need to take something to work next week for the PSHE inset after the hols. It has to be something which is me. Not a photo, can't be chocolate or cake as it will be sitting on the top of a cupboard in a classroom over the break, so that also discounts the boots I wear everyday and my cosy knitwear. Any suggestions? And I am not taking a broomstick which Small wittily proposed this morning...

*based on The Curse of the Were Rabbit
** not sure where to put the * when used next to a ?
*** just how is epically spelt...? (Mrs Quince?)


  1. Lovely bright pics - please send your sunshine further east as it is snowing like Siberia here right now.

  2. I love this sort of post -like a pudding full of plums. Love your bedroom, looks like something I would pin on my bedrooms pinterest board, love your scrubbed table, Small's rabbit, the sunlight, the tulips and the epically boring pointless certificate-giving assemblies.

    1. Sue, you sure have a whole lotta love today!

  3. What lovely images, especially your bedroom, I should love one that size and with a bay window.

    That rabbit is a bit mad, but I like it a lot.

    I agree with Sue about epically, so you got it right in the first place.

  4. They are such lovely happy things - the Tulips are stunning.

  5. oohh how i love the spring sunshine ! Love that rabbit and your tulips , both are gorgeous x

  6. sunshine. lovely! the greater spotted has a red bottom. the lesser is smaller (robin sized) and doesn't.

  7. I would like to have your door please. Our door is rather old and tatty and not full of beautiful coloured glass. And while we're at it, would you mind sending the chair and carpet from your bedroom over too? Ta muchly.

    Shame you can't print out this post and take it with you. How about a miniature magic bean box?

  8. I might have to fight Val for the door/contents of your house!

    So lovely to see the sun, it seems to be boycotting Wales!

  9. Sunshine *yay!*'s been cold in the shade, but in the sun and especially indoors it's been lovely and warm.

    Nina x

  10. Thank you for the sunshine, bit missing here in Michigan. Laughed like a drain at SB's joke, please thank him for me.

  11. A little bit of spring sunshine magic - perfect x