Saturday, 6 July 2013

Broken and Holey

I managed to loose a whole post about SmallerBean's exciting two days. A and E. Teeth falling out. Doctors, nurses, x-rays and plaster casts. Me having to leave the house full of friends eating cake and buying jewellery to go and collect my girlie from school and cart her off to hospital. My gorgeous friends clearing up my house and locking up. But blogger lost it. Buggerblogger. Anyway. Here she is, broken and holey and very disappointed that it isn't school tomorrow so she can show off her new look.

Two broken bones in the cutest little cast

One hole where the tooth used to sit

A very brave and stoic Bean who is really looking forward to going to school on Monday.

 Have a happy and sunny weekend filled with mundanity and calm.


  1. What a cute little bean she is. Hope she's mended soon.

  2. What a great attitude your daughter has and you too for that matter.
    Have a glorious weekend

  3. Ooh, what a little cutie and doesn't she have the right attitude? Bless her, I hope it heal quickly.

  4. oh little bean, what an adventure you've been having, I hope your friends drew lovely pictures on your plaster cast today xxx

  5. Ouch! But she's still grinning, bless her ... what a little trooper! I do hope school today lived up to her expectations :)