Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Summer Romance

Oh Pinterest, how I love you. But I also hate you.

Do you not realise that I have packing/cleaning/small(ish) children/cooking to do?

You must stop teasing me and distracting me from real life and making me think that I can live in a pure white house wearing floaty clothes and eating delicious food with Daniel.

It must stop.

I am going away for a while and when I return I insist you do not contact me.

I am sorry it has to be this way but it is over.

Farewell my love.


  1. I have a very fragile relationship with pinterest. I use it to pin things I come across that I might find useful but I rarely look around on it at other people's pins. I achieve little enough in a day as it is!

  2. fine. be like that. I shall have Daniel, the calorie free food and the spotless houses to myself then.

    1. Ahem...Daniel is mine. You can keep the calorie free food though.

      I find Pinterest fun, inspiring and irritating all at the same time.

  3. I'm like Val ... Pinterest can be useful but I mostly resist it's siren call. It should come with a health warning: "This website will distract you from what you should be doing, and give you a nasty case of the wanties to boot!"

  4. Great post, fantastic presentation:) Greetings