Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumn Goings-On

- big games which spread far and wide
- ragging the hair for ringlets for Edwardian Day at school
- rearranging the calendar
- falling plum trees

- writing messages for friends who actually are not at all dire...

- making

- beach combing

- decorating

What's been going on with you recently?


  1. Oh it is such a treat to read a post from you Mrs Beans. I think it would be lovely if April were longer but I do like May so not too long thank you. Me, I've just been knitting, knitting, knitting...becoming quite obsessive actually.

  2. hello there Mrs! oh no. poor plum tree..........
    I feel like I have spent the week sitting in traffic, driving across the north of England..............

  3. I had to laugh at Dire Anna. Just the usual stuff going on here... work, cooking and trying to fit in some knitting and gardening.

  4. What a sweet letter. I like your leaves on the ceiling too.

  5. Nothing so amusing here. And I now have beachcombings envy! Nice to see a post from you :)