Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Month at Elf Towers

Over the last few weeks I have been squirrelling away our empty loo rolls for a little project.
 Brown paper has been found. Elves have arrived.


The glue was brushed and the card suck.

The circles cut and the numbers printed.

Forfeits were written, both good...

... and not so good...

The Beansprouts have their advent calendar ready and waiting. And I don't know who is more excited, them or me!

Are your calendars in place for Sunday? Are you a traditionalist with a nativity scene and little doors opening to reveal Christmas symbols? Or do you like a chocolate treat with your tea and toast every morning? Perhaps you have a candle to light for a couple of hours each evening.
Even at the age of fortythree I still get thrilled about opening the advent calendar each morning. Bit of luck I bought one just for me...


  1. This is super! Ours will go up on Sunday complete with little bags of chocolates... even though we are a house of adults!

  2. Well Advent calendars are an event for me because my birthday is on 1st December. This year the 1st actually coincides with the start of Advent which makes it extra special. I shall be dusting off our nativity silhouette calendar which I made when the boys were babies. I shall also be lighting a big church candle which we light on each Sunday in Advent and then everyday after Christmas day until it has gone. Considering I am not a Christian, that's quite a lot of religious observance!

    I love your looroll calendar, I bet the Beansprouts will too.

  3. oh my I love it. there is a star wars lego advent calendar awaiting my boy. it is an early birthday present..... he is beside himself with excitement. who needs chocolate and breakfast when you can have a tie fighter battle flying over your toast!

  4. What a lovely idea. I made something along these lines for myself but mine only has the good bits ;)

  5. I love your elf , I have similar, they are so cute