Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Week of Gorse. And Some Bits Without Gorse

Can you make out the totally black bunny in this photo? Bit of luck there was no snow...
It was the week of gorse. 
Cheering us at the start when the mist rolled in and then filling our noses with it's tropical scent when the sun beat down on it. 
Yes. It was a discovery of the most important kind. Gorse smells like coconut. 
I went from not really liking it very much to being in love in just one sniff. 
I could not get enough of the acidic yellow stuff when out and about. 
It was ever-present on walks, dam building, battles and outside mealtimes.
Our seven day stay on the side of a steep hill in Dumfriesshire was just what we all needed and the sun shone quite a bit too.

 Much den building, hiding and damming was done by the SmallBeans. 'Who goes there?'

 Stick Man came for a surprise visit one afternoon.

And the SmallBeans sailed off alone(ish) into the middle of Loch Ken. I sat on the shore with my heart in my mouth but also feeling that it might just burst with love for them.


  1. How absolutely blissful. I love the coconutty scent of gorse, it always reminds me of hot, sandy seaside paths.

  2. You can make a wonderful country wine with gorse flowers, and it's a great dye plant too.

    Looks like a fab week :)

  3. I love the scent of gorse.....there is a lot growing on heathland near our house and I have a fond memory of one of my daughters as a child saying it looked like little lights.
    Loved seeing your photos, what a great time, and a wonderful stick man!
    Helen xox

  4. Hello! Gorse always reminds me of home in Hampshire on the heath.

    I love your stick man...very Lowry.

    Nina x

  5. Oh, I love the stick man! And the scene in the first photo is absolutely beautiful.

  6. Haven't seen these flowers before but they look soo beautiful! Wish your photos would smell so i could take a sniff!

    Take care

  7. My daughter’s first solo run in a canoe was in Loch Ken. I was on the bank calmly giving instructions whilst my heart was hammering against my ribs. I’ve never forgotten it.