Thursday, 19 June 2014


 ... hoping that the Mr will be able to fix the washing machine this weekend. The dirty laundry mountain on the landing grows daily and I have had to start using the neighbours machines.

 (The basket waits patiently for another trip next-door-but-one...)

 ... making no knead 12 hour bread.

 ... looking at the mess in SmallBean's room. I love the eclectic reading matter but despair of the organisation. Books mixed with gadgets mixed with lego mixed with dust. Not to mention the elastic bands, nerf stuff, scraps of paper and sweet wrappers.

 ... trying to get the enthusiam and courage to make an Edward VI costume. It needs to be at school tomorrow. I still need gold ribbon, some charity shop bling and some tassels for the hose. I may be handing my homework in late.

 ... thinking how lucky SmallBean was yesterday. I never remember school trips being this fun. Here is the Tudor pauper before his trip to Kentwell Hall yesterday.

... sitting at the computer not getting much else done.

Have a happy Thursday.


  1. I had quite a similar day to yours! Except in my case it was the computer that broke down. I still have a mountain of laundry to fold, though...

  2. No washing machine! My worst nightmare. Hope he gets it fixed.

  3. Your Tudor pauper looks good, I hope you managed the other outfit?

  4. Love the tudor outfit. I remember making one of my boys something almost identical for his trip to Kentwell... in fact it might still be in my dressing up box (yes, I still have a dressing up box - you just never know when you mind need a particular item!)

  5. happy Thursday. hope the costume was fantastic and the washing all clean, and the box filled with fairy lights for a sparkly den x