Saturday, 5 July 2014

City Wildlife

Recent visitors to our central city garden include baby hedgehogs, bats and massive dragonflies. Goldfinch flocks, long-tailed tits and a family of great tits.
Shield bugs. A jay. Naughty little mice.
Photos taken of visiting friends- zero.

So here is a random photo of a boy in a box. City wildlife of a different kind.


  1. If you gave my 14 year old daughter a box like that she'd climb into it.
    We had flocks of long-tailed tits on our ornamental cherry tree yesterday, plus lots of blue tits and great tits but I failed to take any decent photos.

  2. My children would be entertained for hours by a large box!

  3. Children and boxes - there's no end to the fun they can have together (my kids build complete huts out of them!)

  4. oh hedgehogs - would love that! : )

    boy in a box is sweet also!