Sunday, 7 November 2010


Over half term (boy it seems like an AGE ago) we stayed in a wee cottage on the side of a steep hill in the Borders of Scotland. It is beautiful and remote and very very muddy.

Yes, that's the cott, surrounded by fresh air, trees and grass. Which turns into mud at the drop of a hat...

Our fortunes with the weather were mixed. Frosty days when we had to break the ice on the puddles as we walked and biked, gloomy days when we mooched in Kirkcudbright and then ate amazing ice cream here, which is Well Worth A Visit, stormy days when we did slightly worry that the gnarly old oaks behind the cott might just topple and some wet and rainy time that just made us (well, not Big, he went out on mad muddy biking adventures) stay in and hang out.

The BeanSprouts were happy making dens, reading, colouring and playing table football with a hedgehog. (No ball could be found and the nearest and best thing was a pompom hodgepig but Smaller didn't much like this turn of affairs. 'It's not kind to play football with a hedgehog,' she repeated ad nauseum.)

I spent much time making new sparkly goodness while looking out the window at this view. Pretty impressive , huh? I was so so pleased I took the MagicBean box with me on our little hol- it was very restful and stress-busting to use my hands and head to make some new things. After the last few weeks of frenzy and chaos that has been Bean Life I think it was theraputic and calming to Make Things. My stash was fairly low but I managed to get creative and build. Want to see?

A pearly linky necklace,

some wintry doves in the snow

and some icy pearls with aventurine, moonstone, amazonite and a teensy crystal.

I have popped them in my shop with a few other things I made. I hope that the necklace doesn't sell- not only do I love it but it really reminds me of a very happy week.


  1. oooh they are very lovely things xxx I never get stuff done when I go away, I think my knitting never even made it out of the car last weekend..............

  2. The jewellery all looks lovely! I like the wintry doves the best! The cottage looks gorgeous, a fantastic place for a quite holiday! :) x

  3. Lovely makes and what a fab cottage to stay in!

  4. Fab makes, I love the pearly necklace, all those wrapped loops look so neat, bet your poor fingers ached a bit :)
    Kandi x

  5. You know I love that necklace. The stones are my favoutie and my best. That cottage looks idyllic.

  6. Beautiful jewellery, I love those doves.
    Glad you had a lovely break :)

  7. Oh I went all dreamy reading this post, and those photographs..isn't that cottage just the ultimate retreat? The view is wonderful, I could make a painting from that (in fact as soon as I saw it I fell in love with the twisty river and the lumpy hills).
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your new jewellry, its stunning, the doves are beautiful!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  8. Looks amazing! The borders are very special!
    Ali xx

  9. Well, you should keep your lovely necklace if it so speaks to you.

    I can see why!

    Sending thanks for the beauty you create.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island