Sunday, 7 November 2010

Some colour for Mrs Pebble

Mrs Pebble is doing a series of colourful posts and putting pictures on flikr to get her through the grey and dreary winter months. Personally, I love this time of year, and the rest of the autumn and winter. I love the changing seasons, the unexpected bright and sunny days, the wet and windy days when all you do is light the fire and eat toast and soup and the total unpredictability of it all.

Warm jumpers, boots, thick socks, hats and scarves are my most favourite clothes and it's a bit tricky and also quite hot wearing them in the summer.

Mmm. Good eyebrows...

Then of course there is the build up to (dare I say it?) Christmas. Twinkly lights, magical music, the anticipation of a visit, hiding, wrapping, placing under the tree, the SMELL of it all.

Then the serious business of January. New starts, fresh beginnings and a good old sort out.

And suddenly there are teeny tiny signs that spring is on its way.

So really and truly I do love this time of year.

Anyway. Looking out into the garden at breakfast a couple of days ago I noticed that the red leaves which have been plentiful and flamey were dropping like flies. So I popped out and gathered some for Smaller to take to Pre-School. Then I thought... better snap those for my blog so I can join in a bit of colour and make my friend up- the-road-and-over-the-fen feel a bit more cheery on this grey old day.

So Mrs. P. Hope these have brightened up your day a smidge.


  1. Aren't the leaves fab this year?

    I have to admit I like this season for all the same reasons as you do, though I do struggle just after the decorations come down in January ...

  2. Lovely colours, I must admit to not loving this time of year, I much prefer Spring and the longer days of Summer :-)

  3. ooooh those leaves. I want to jump in a huge pile of them xxx