Sunday, 21 November 2010


Yesterday I hopped onto the train at Cambridge station with four girlfriends and we gossiped our way down to London. I was on the very last (I think) bit of my birthday string-out.

After meeting up with another friend we did a teensy bit of retail here,
sorry I can't show you what I bought but it is a Christmas pressie for one of the girls. If you are ever in Regents Street, pop in to Anthropologie just for a peek. There is a wonderful smell in there from a vertical garden
which grows up over three floors just by the stairs. The clothes are to die for
but you have to be feeling Very Rich. I tried on an amazing cardi. But it was £168. £168??? Are they MAD??? Gorgeous, but you can't spend that much on knitwear unless you're called Kate. Go in and feel and smell and ogle- the whole shop is a hit for your senses.

We then ate the most scrumptious prawns, squid and seafood soup in a restaurant called Wrights, just off Regents Street somewhere. A glass of white and pud later, we toddled off to the Palace Theatre where we ordered interval cocktails and wine, found our seats and sat down to watch the best show you could imagine. Do you want to know what it was???


So so funny. So so colourful. And quite rude. Excellent songs and singing, fabulous stage use and the best costumes you could ever imagine. A lot of skin on show and dancing, dancing, dancing.

Just after we'd finished our half time drinks and sat down for Part Two, some of the chorus line trouped off the stage to scoop up a few willing members of the audience. As my friend Becky was sitting on the end of the row, she was hauled up onto the stage. To dance. With the cast of Priscilla. Ooh la la. Dancing on the stage of The Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started taking pictures of her on my phone and then a man came along and Told Me Off. I had to stop snapping (but not before I'd got a couple of shots) and then my phone ran out of juice so no more pics could be taken.

After the fantastico show the fun did not stop. Oh no no no.

A little trip to The Primrose Bakery for a cake and cuppa

(I chose a tasty little carrot number) before we headed back to Kings Cross, a packed train and a very foggy bike ride over the river and home. Thank you so much K,B,L,E and H. What a treat.
Today it seems as if the whole day was a bit of a dream. But don't you find the best days often are?


  1. Sounds wonderful! Glad you had such a great time xx

  2. Oh you lucky lucky thing. What a truly wonderful-sounding day. Oh! I am quite envious. I was supposed to pop out for a bit of thrifting in Clare today with a friend. A nasty headache came and I flopped instead. Gah!

  3. oooh a lovely day ! and that photo of Cambridge station takes me back 20 years to a 6 month student placement, and hours waiting on the station to meet my then boyfriend now hubby.x

  4. What a fantastic time you had, I'm quite jealous!

  5. Sounds like a brilliant day, I've heard of Anthropologie, the vertical garden looks amazing (can't believe they would charge that for a cardigan though!). The cakes look so yummy! :) x

  6. I am so pleased you had a great day, just what you need to re-charge your batteries!
    The cardigan must have been fantastic!!!