Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Ever get the feeling that you are living in a parallel world? Everything is familiar but not quite all there?

Smaller Bean is at the stage where she asks continually 'Where is ____?' (Insert name at random.) She asks it about people in the room. She even asks the person she is asking where they are. At tea yesterday, she asked where Daddy was. I had kinda had enough of this questioning and told her that Daddy was in a rocket on the way to the moon. She told me he was at work. Gaaaaaarrrrgh. Small Bean thinks this is all extremely amusing and encourages it.

However, I am not immune to his random bonkersness either. He is really into telling jokes and thinks that his own jokes are particularly funny.

An example: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because the flowers were green.
Cue raucous laughter from him and the tumbleweed blowing past me.

So I ordered him a joke book. It is one that I remember from years ago and it is still in print. Even the title is funny. He was very excited when it arrived and told some good jokes.

Then this morning... 'Mummy, what do you get if you cross a fork with a computer?'
'A coat.'
Cue tumbleweed, raucous laughter etc.

Think I need a holiday. Or a lot more wine.

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  1. lol love this post, so like my house! My eldest is always making up jokes but does seem to be getting better at them now thank goodness :-)