Thursday, 27 May 2010


Living in Cambridge, we do much of our travelling about by bike. I love my bike and Smaller Bean rides on the back giving me a rolling commentary on yellow cars, motorbikes and the bin lorries. She loves the bin lorries. Always has done. She waves enthusiastically at them which can be a bit embarrassing at times.

Yesterday we took Small Bean up to Beavers and on the way home, our (not so) trusty two wheeled transport managed to spill us. Thankfully we were not on a road and a lovely lady stopped to ask if we were ok, which we were. Smaller Bean was not happy about the sudden sideways skid and being trapped in her seat but she was completely unharmed. I, on the other hand had a Very Painful elbow and foot. I have had to throw my shoes away because one of them has a hole in it now. Over last night, more and more bits of me were beginning to feel sore. I have a very impressive lump and bruise on my leg. Look!

Actually, this doesn't really do the bruise justice. And my elbow isn't much better. It is not as painful as it was yesterday, at least I can bend it again but pressing down on it still hurts lots.

We were brought home by our lovely neighbour, Becka and then looked after by Big Bean. As for the bike, I won't be getting back on it until Big Bean has done a thorough MOT on it this weekend. And I've got a little shoe shopping trip to plan...



  1. Ouch!!!!!
    Looks so sore!
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. ouch, poor you, I had a horrid fall off a bike and it really put me off........ hope you feel up to cycling again soon.
    Thanks for visiting, and for your comment on my shed/beach hut, I know it wouldn't have been that colour if hubby had chosen the paint, but as I'd already paid for it.... xxx

  3. Ow ow ow! Glad there were no broken bones but that does look terribly sore.

  4. Love your bike and the basket - I really want one of those baskets! Hope your bruises are not so painful now :-(

  5. I couldn't find your email to reply so thought I'd post here, thanks for your comments - hopefully these injuries are less spectacular now, especially that big bumpy bruise, enjoy the sun before it hides again

  6. I do hope you are both recovering now. I know how long it takes to get over these sorts of injuries. I've fallen off my bike quite a few times. It really shakes you up inside, and leaves you with lots of aches and pains. x