Friday, 14 May 2010

Road Trip

I have been invited to a Birthday Lunch. It is my aunt's 70th birthday and her family and friends are getting together to celebrate. However. She lives in Wiltshire and I live in Cambridge. It is a round trip of 6 hours driving. SIX HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to pack a serious amount of good music and lots of snacks. The Small Beans are staying at home with Big Bean for fun and mucking about while I tackle the road trip alone. Although I am looking forward to catching up with the rellies and eating a slap-up lunch that I have had no part in preparing or even thinking about, I am just a teeny bit envious of the Beans staying here. I know they are going to have a lot of fun.

I made her these earrings as she loves pearls but looking at them again I'm not too sure if they are a bit on the large and long side for her. I love the little peridot chips- I think they lift the earrings a bit. While I had the Magic Bean Box out I carried on making and tried out a new design with my beloved hoops and some more pearls. It is for sale here, in my little shop.

And then, looking out at the fast disappearing blossom, I made these earrings. I think I will keep these for myself though- I really love a bit of a pink/green combo.

Well, I'd best be off to start making a pile of cheese and pickle on granary and sorting out some CD's. Wish me luck.


  1. :-o blimey that is a long road trip! I know what you mean, i am a bit of a home lover aswell, are there any craft shops you can stop at along the way to make the trip more fun ;-)

    Loving all your makes especially the pink and green earings, great colour combo.

  2. Very lovely indeed.

    Have a good trip - that sounds loooong.

  3. Verrrrry pretty. Good luck with the drive!